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As a new company formed by the merging of Nanjing Anyang New Material Co., Ltd. and Maanshan Dehong Biotechnology Co., Ltd after the relocation, Maanshan Angyang New Material Technology Co., Ltd is an entity production company of PTA Catalysts. Nanjing Anyang New Material Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, with a large number of technicians who have been engaged in fine chemicals for a long time; thus Nanjing Anyang has a strong development capability of technology. Moreover, our company has established innovative mechanisms and operational methods that are suitable for the company's characteristics. Through the optimized combination of talent advantage and mechanism advantage and full play, we are able to demonstrate strong comprehensive competitiveness and then promote the efficient operation and rapid development of the company. Since our establishment in early 1999, we have obtained remarkable business results; our sales revenue, profits and taxes have been increasing at a faster rate, and we are rated by the bank as an AAA-credit company. With the rapid development of the petrochemical industry, our business prospects are keeping getting better and better.

Now, our main products are 1,1,2,2-Tetrabromoethane, Hydrobromic acid, Cobalt(II) acetate, Manganous acetate and cobalt-manganese-bromine liquid catalyst series, water treatment chemicals, coal water slurry dispersant and Amino Acid series, Flame Retardant and pharmaceutical intermediate, etc. Our technical staff and technical consultants strive to make progress and innovate, so that the production technology level of these products has been raised to a new height, and the product quality and consumption cost have reached unprecedented levels in China...


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